Wilma Langhamer


It all started when…

Living in South Germany, Wilma Langhamer purchased her first set of oil colors at age 15. Self-taught, in 1974 she decided to make art her career.

Soon afterwards, her work was exhibited in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. During this time, she met her future husband Carl Mohner, international Movie Star, and Artist, who named her unique style” ROMANTIC REALISM", which is still true for her current work.

Wilma's early works were influenced by Medieval Artists, the beautiful French Castles, and Vintage Cars.

BMW Head Quarter, Munich, Germany, commissioned the artist to create ten originals depicting BMW Vintage Vehicles with German background.

Since 1978 Langhamer resides in Texas. Life is change, also the artist’s work went through a transformation. As a teenager she used to play the violin.

Even though her violin is retired, she loves to return in her paintings to earlier days, depicting women with instruments: violin, cello, flute. Music touches our emotions, transmits joy, vibrancy or peace of mind. Listening to music while painting is inspiring to the artist. In youth, women blossom to reach their full potential. The portrait of a woman may be combined with flowers.

Her latest paintings reflect the current state of our world. There is darkness and there is light. The artist likes to invite light into her life and artwork.

The dove is a symbol of peace. Loves blossoms if nourished. Her latest series: "The Key". God gives us the "Key to Life". I feel gratitude - and I have to remind myself of that gift.