Lydia Greter


It all started when…

I was born and live in Saskatchewan Canada. Since 1985, I have been enjoying the winter seasons in Weslaco and have acquired a great admiration of South Texas and its residents.

My earlier years I had worked as an illustrator for a few different firms, but my attraction to art has been a lifelong interest. Most of my inspiration springs from the beauty around me and the wonders of nature.

    My interest in watercolors dates back to when I was in my 40’s and I started to experiment with watercolors. I became fascinated by the complexity and beauty it could provide. I found this medium allowed a quality of mood and imagination I couldn’t capture any other way. I was hooked on watercolors!

I have been showing my work at a gallery in my home city of Regina since 1989. My works hang in private and corporate collections throughout North America and abroad.

    Recently, I have started experimenting with alcohol ink painting, which I find exciting and also somewhat unpredictable. I feel I can learn from both mediums to become more creative.