Joe Hernandez
Artist Reception February 26, 2019
On Exhibit February 18, 2019 until March 14, 2019

Joe Hernandez is a retired teacher with thirty years of teaching experience. He retired two years ago and began painting full time. His painting experience began about eight years ago, after having a minor stroke, he decided he needed something to occupy his mind while out of the classroom.

He has always been interested in art, and when in his early teens, his father took him to meet a young artist, Gabriel Salazar, for information on how to help support his artistic abilities. Gabriel told him to leave him alone, if he wants to be an artist, he will be one. Nothing can disrupt the desire of an artist. Joe discontinued his art, for the most part, concentrating on his education. He would at times draw for leisure.

Joe Hernandez went to UT in Austin for two years, when a family problem brought him back to the Valley. He continued his education in Edinburg Pan American and received a BS in pshycology and minor in English. After a year of searching for a job, he went back to Pan American and received a teaching certification. He began to teach in Edinburg and continued for fourteen years, after which he went to Donna High School and taught there for another sixteen years. At Donna ISD, his principal twice called him in the simmer and asked him to take an exit exam on different subjects, so the school could open a new course, so Joe now currently holds seven teaching certifications.

About ten years ago, he restarted his friendship with Gabriel Salazar, helping him with art shows and keeping his company. Gabriel began to work with watercolor, then acrylic, followed by oil. Now that he is retired, Joe is experimenting with other none-art-painting mediums, such as epoxy, and spray paints. He plans to continue with different mediums and hopefully reach his potential as a true artist.

Joe Hernandez also enjoys photography and writing. He has hundreds of landscape photos from road trips he enjoys with friends, and a Christian Science Fiction. Also, now that he is a grandfather, he is also planning on writing children books that emphases hometown values.