Jan LeBleu


jan lebleu

l am basically self-taught, but my painting style has evolved over the years with classes and workshops.  Studies with various artists around Texas have contributed to my artistic growth.

l am inspired by a wide range of subject matter and generally choose a palette of rich colors when working with oils or acrylics. When working with watercolors l tend to use brighter, more vibrant colors.

l have studied and taught the elements and principles of art to both adults and children. There are basic tools and concepts for every artist and l use these when selecting a medium with which to paint. As a teacher, l have also learned from students. We each bring a uniqueness to the classroom.

My subject matter is generally based on God’s creations; meaning, my subjects are often flowers, birds, or other wildlife. Recently, l have also experimented with more abstract forms of art. Each individual sees something different in these paintings.  l hope that all will enjoy my art in whatever form it takes.