David Rodriguez


My name is David Rodriguez and I am a local artist from Edinburg, Texas. I love to create masterpieces! I would consider myself an amateur artist but each artwork I create makes me a better and more skilled one.

I started drawing at a young age, Pre-K would be my first memory of drawing and coloring. As I started to draw more I found myself loving to create art. I continued to draw in school and at home, it began to be fun and interesting for me. As the years passed by my skills progressed, still having the ability to draw and paint, but my passion for art wasn’t really going anywhere. I had lots of other things I was worried about and wanted to do, so I just let art be a small hobby for me. Furthermore, as life went on, things started to change, but art was the one things that had never changed. In fact, I loved it even more the past couple of years than I had ever before.

As I started to draw more in my late teenage years, it became a normal hobby for me and I was becoming pretty good at it too. I painted and drew many pieces of art for myself and some for my family here and there. I am very proud and have a lot of pride in each piece I create, but it was time to take the next step in my career as an artist. Over the last two years, I’ve really gotten into painting; so much that my mother now calls me a “painting fool”!

Painting became as easy as walking for me. The difficult part of it was all the little things that come with painting, like supplies, organizing, and figuring out how I want my artwork to be represented. I love my art because it represents my life and the things I love.