Allan McDonald

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the photographer Allan McDonald

McDonald has always enjoyed nature, photographs and photography. Growing up in rural New Brunswick in the 1960’s, one of his favorite things to do was to look at the great photographs in his collection of National Geographic magazines. He still has that collection, has shared it with his children and now shares it with his grandchildren.

Self-taught, photography had been a casual pastime throughout his whole life. In recent years, however, he has had a unique opportunity to photograph rare and wonderful things almost daily in the waters of Canada's world famous Bay of Fundy on his 63’ whale watching yacht and has logged over 6000 hours on the Bay of Fundy in all imaginable conditions of weather, light conditions and subject matter - Camera in one hand, binoculars in the other.

This has provided him with an unequalled opportunity to photograph many rare and wonderful creatures and natural scenes of the Bay of Fundy, much of which can offer spectacular results just in the subject matter itself - a rare right whale, birds only seen at sea or a mother whale and her calf.

About 5 years ago McDonald started taking abstract images of up-close reflections on water which represented a new direction for him. A definite deviation from the whales and seabirds he had been known for.

His abstract and close-up images of the ever changing reflections on the waters of the Bay of Fundy artfully capture the complex, ever-evolving world of each ripple and wave and takes the viewer on an intimate and elemental visual journey that both awakens the mind and inspires the soul as they explore the hidden life of water at a micro-level that few, if any, have ever seen or considered.

The driving force behind this new direction for his own words......"plain and simple, it's all about the beauty!"

For the past 20 years McDonald has split his time between summers in Eastern Canada and winters in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.